What You Need To Know About The Angel Juicer 5500

Assuming that you are searching for a manual for the best juicer to extricate significant returns of nutritious, scrumptious juices, you have arrived at the perfect location. Whenever you look for top-quality juicers, you can observe the electronic market overwhelmed by different brands with cases to be great. Notwithstanding, you ought to be cautious as you might be a survivor of bogus showcasing claims that could demolish your venture. Angel brand highlights juicers of unrivaled quality created with the best materials and utilizes state-of-the-art innovation to get significant returns. The Angel Juicer 5500 is for those looking for a passage-level tempered steel juicer. Its shocking look is interesting to the natural eye and is staggeringly tough.

The Design and Build Quality

On the off chance that you are searching for a proficient juice extractor, Super Angel 5500 is the go-to choice for you. It has a twin stuff enhanced plan that provides the capacity to persevere through high tension, and you can press natural products to get juices at a consistent 86 RPM. This quick pivot of pinion wheels acquires a 15 to 30% expansion result in light of the superior form. The scientists at Angel Juicers have tried their product offering to be impervious to any bacterial development. The makers guarantee that no part is made of plastic to guarantee the greatest security level and cleanliness.

Who is Angel Juicers?

Angel Juicers has been a specialist in assembling double stuff juicers since the beginning of their tasks in 1982. Their juicers are made of top great food and carefully evaluated tempered steel to remove all solid succulent stuff from a wide scope of vegetables and organic products. For sure you couldn’t want anything more than to have a Super Angel Premium Deluxe juicer machine that guarantees the most extreme cleanliness and consumption obstruction during the juice extraction process.

Why Angel Juicers?

The Angel Juicer Angelia 5500 is a physically worked juicer. It safeguards the strainer if there should arise an occurrence of stuffing by alarming with a signal and will stop naturally. By then, you want to physically press or tap on the opposite button that will deliver pressure immediately off of the strainer.

Outline of Angel Juicer

For the clients’ aide, there is some stuff that drops naturally, while you can increase the value of your Angel Juicer by specific embellishments that permit customization. The engine block is the principal area that is essential for your angel juicer 5500 that pivots the twin stuff for juice extraction. The fine quality sifter is great and is tried hard squeeze vegetables, delicate natural products, berries, salad greens, and no limit on what you can’t juice. Further, the two cogwheels and wood handle cleaning brush are likewise essential for the bundle.

For The Angel Juicer, you additionally get a scrubber to assist you with effectively eliminating the coarser materials and extras off of the screen. A shower defender fits pleasantly on top of the sifter and incorporates a power rope to associate the juicer for power to begin nutritious juice. The two excellent plastic holders to gather squeeze and mash are food reviewed. Ensure you get these things as a bundle when you purchase your fantasy juicer to get solid juice and boosts.

Angel Juicer Accessories

Embellishments are continuously captivating for individuals as they can accomplish more things for their effortlessness. You can browse;

Angel Juicer Coarse Screen

The coarse screen is intended for the individuals who need to juice delicate leafy foods the juice by eliminating the mash that regularly streams out and thickens the juice.

Peanut Butter Sieve

The peanut butter strainer, additionally renowned as a clear sifter, assists with making stuff like nut margarine, sorbets (a kind of Italian frozen yogurt), pound child food, and whatever includes your remarkable purge necessities.

Premium Brush

The top-notch brush helps you for definite cleaning errands to be performed effectively; to be sure, individuals who don’t like even a little spot will like to have such stuff.

Juice Pusher

The juice pusher is made of wood and silicon and is best for stuff like kiwis, pineapples, tomatoes, and stuff like this since filaments from such natural products will quite often stick into the openings of the strainer. The wood-silicon pusher fits pleasantly into the filling Shute and will plunge the mash or stuff to keep the juice streaming out constantly.

Hardened Steel Juice Container

For people who would rather avoid plastic juice compartments, the Super Angel Juicer offers a hardened steel juice holder to gather the juice.

Here are the focuses that make an Angel5500 an unquestionable requirement have a thing for your kitchen;

Rust Free Juicers

The Super Angel 5500 Juicer machines are made of top-quality treated steel material which is impervious to rust in light of its plan, which puts developments down, is non-perceptive to dampness.

No Heavy Metals in Juice

As there is no plastic part utilized in a sifter or other stuff, there is zero chance of weighty metals found in your juice that could be a situation while utilizing a plastic body juicer.


Assuming you are searching for a juicer that can separate most of the supplements from products of the soil, Juicer 5500 by Angel Juicer is best for you. It consolidates the 3 Horse Power crushing force and breaking helical stuff innovation alongside a multi separating framework that a typical juicer can’t do.


The Super Angel Deluxe Juicer is a fine juicer that can crush with flawlessness, including soybeans and, surprisingly, frozen organic products.

Certain individuals are solid promoters of Angel Cold Press Juicer since they are advertised as being superior ones with exorbitant cost labels. In spite of the fact that it is otherwise called Angel slow juicer, it is absolutely worth your speculation. It accompanies the high form quality and offers better quality juice with more volume.

Health United

Wellbeing United is a first-class merchant of great well-being machines. We are one of the main two merchants and confirmed wholesalers of Angel juicer 5500. Our customers incorporate food stores, wellbeing withdraws, wellbeing specialists, people, and families the whole way across Australia. In the event that you are searching for Angel Juicer for Sale to launch your sound eating routine arrangement organized by your wellbeing expert, you ought to decide on our scope of the Angel Juicer Series.

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