Why You Should Use High-Quality Medical Shoes For Diabetes

Diabetes can be fatal if not treated properly. In addition to eating right and exercising, you must wear the right shoes for diabetes. It will prevent your feet from sores, infections and poor circulation. The following are some of the benefits of using medical shoes for diabetes.

Poor circulation in feet

Poor foot circulation can lead to infections, sores, and amputation. According to the CDC, one in every 20 Americans has some form of diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). DPN is a complication that results from high blood sugar levels over time and affects about 60% of people with diabetes.

The symptoms associated with DPN include numbness or burning sensations in the extremities—usually in the hands and feet—and decreased sensitivity to temperature changes. These symptoms can lead to serious complications, including foot infections, ulcers or other wounds on your feet that won’t heal properly due to lack of sensation. These wounds could turn into gangrene if left untreated for too long, leading to amputation if not treated quickly enough. 

Prevent foot infections

One of the most common foot infections is fungal, which can result from walking barefoot in public places. Fungal infections are especially problematic for those with diabetes because they make it difficult to control your blood sugar.

To avoid fungal infection, wear shoes outdoors and wash your feet regularly after exposure to bacteria or fungi. If you have diabetes, consult with a podiatrist about whether it’s safe to go barefoot outside or if you should wear sandals instead of closed-toe footwear like tennis shoes or boots.

Avoid sores on feet.

Another benefit of medical shoes for diabetes is that they can help you avoid sores and infections on your feet. It can be particularly beneficial if you have poor blood circulation in the legs, which often occurs with diabetes. If the skin on your foot gets irritated or damaged, it can lead to an infection called cellulitis. Cellulitis is a serious condition that requires immediate medical treatment because it may cause serious damage to the tissues beneath the skin if left untreated.

shoes for diabetes

Suppose you cannot afford special shoe insoles or shoes designed specifically for people with diabetes-related conditions such as neuropathy. Other options are also available in that case—although they’re not quite as effective at preventing sores and injuries as purchasing a custom pair of insoles or shoes from an expert retailer. 

It would help if you also considered getting a shoe fitting by an expert when shopping for new pairs of shoes; this will ensure that your footwear fits so that you don’t experience any discomfort while walking around during daily activities like grocery shopping or exercising at the gym.

Another common cause of foot infections is injury. People with diabetes are more prone to injury because they have poor circulation in their feet and ankles, leading to cuts that don’t heal well or quickly get infected. To minimize risk, wear shoes outdoors and wash your feet regularly after exposure. Wearing medical shoes can prevent foot infections: The best way to avoid developing a serious foot condition is by wearing medical shoes. Medical shoes are designed to not cause pressure points in your foot’s forefoot, mid-section, or back. It means there is less chance of having calluses, blisters, corns or other irritations while wearing them. Some people find it difficult to find comfortable footwear because they have a wide range of motion. If you have diabetes and are experiencing foot problems, talk to your doctor about what can help prevent future injuries from occurring. They may recommend wearing special shoes or insoles that can reduce pressure on the skin of the feet. These products may also provide better support for people with diabetes who experience poor circulation in their legs.

Custom-made insoles and shoes

Insoles are made of foam or gel. Insoles are fitted to the shoe and can make different materials, including plastic, fabric, and polyurethane. In addition to the type of material used for your insoles, they can come in different thicknesses. Consider how tall you are when selecting an insole best fits your needs.

Custom-made insoles and shoes are ideal for those with diabetes because they will provide comfort that lasts long after purchase while also providing support for feet that cannot stand up on their own due to neuropathy or other health issues caused by diabetes mellitus type 1 & 2. If you’re unsure whether you need custom-made footwear or just a pair of regular tennis shoes with arch support built into the sole (or both), give us a call now! Their specialists have access to thousands upon thousands of styles from all over North America. So no matter what brand name gets thrown out first during our initial consultation process (perhaps something like “Nike”?), they always have something even better waiting behind door number two (or three…or four.

Using medical shoes can help one manage their diabetes better.

Using medical shoes can help one manage their diabetes better. Medical shoes can help with circulation and foot infections and prevent sores on the feet. Insurance companies often cover medical shoes and can be custom-made insoles and shoes. Various options are available, such as diabetic clogs, water-friendly sandals, slip-on sneakers and more!

 Several factors to consider for medical shoes that fit your needs best. 

You may want to try visiting a local doctor’s office where they might have a small selection available specifically made just like this one pictured here:


The benefits of using medical shoes for diabetes are numerous. They can help improve circulation in your feet, prevent foot infections, and avoid sores on your feet. They also provide custom-made insoles and shoes that will fit you perfectly and comfort you all day. Looking for Shoes for diabetes? Don’t worry; contact Medicomf for comfortable and reliable shoes at an affordable price.

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